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At Vector Engineering we pride ourselves on being a multi-disciplinary civil engineering firm.

Our firm has roots tied to Olympia, Washington and was established by owner Ben Cook in  2001.

Vector remained open & held strong through the recession, moving our main office to Tumwater, WA. As our work spread toward the Washington coast an additional Vector office was essential for the company to service Grays Harbor County and beyond, thus expanding to add a satellite office in Elma in 2014.  Our tight-knit team is dedicated & comfortable with collaborating on projects with other firms & our client’s project managers to optimize our client's projects.  

Vector Engineering clients range from homeowners to public entities to National Defense facilities. Our team has an extensive history with bridge and Tribal projects on the Olympic Peninsula, Quinault Tribal Lands and with the BIA and other government entities. Our projects are roughly 60% public work consisting of government, tribal municipal and district type clients (fire and school districts). 

Located close to the I5 corridor, our team of engineers is easily mobilized to site visits & project meetings. 


Committed to Excellence

Our process always starts with a simple meeting with the Owner and site visit to identify project goals. This visit may or may not be combined with an in depth inspection of the job site . When we set up our project with the Owner we will note when we will provide document review as well as our project status reporting. Typically this is weekly or bi weekly. On projects of this type we often provide on-site instruction for the Owner or maintenance staff to start work during our initial visit. Then, due to the urgency of a project of this nature we typically provide a 75% review package to the Owner (with an Engineer’s Estimate) followed with the final bid and construction package. We typically invite the Building Official to our preliminary site visit to ensure that we are meeting their needs at the same time we meet the Owner’s.

Site plans and Permitting:

This work includes mostly civil engineering for commercial, factory and institutional clients. Projects range from simple road and access designs, to multiple phase site plans with difficult utility and drainage issues. With our subconsultant team we have provided all feasibility, funding reviews, permitting, construction design, and construction management functions.

Infrastructure Structural Design:

This work includes structural design functions to support Civil engineering projects. This includes low rise buildings, retaining walls, buttresses, deep foundations (pile and pier), and flood control structures. We have worked for large contractors and vendors to help approve bidder designed portions of infrastructure work.

Bridge and Hydraulic Engineering: Our typical bridge projects are rural highway and road, forest road and small private land bridges as well as recreation bridges for DNR and other conservation groups. We have inspected, designed and permitted bridges throughout the Olympic Peninsula and I5 Corridor. Work includes all phases of bridge design and
permitting. We have extensive experience in Hydraulic modeling for bridge and other stream crossings. 

Construction Engineering: This work includes temporary detour bridges, deep excavation safety designs, stream bypass design, erection plans and demolition plans for buildings, trestles and bridges. This work is temporary in nature  but nonetheless necessary for successful projects. We have extensive experience on county and WSDOT level in construction engineering. 

Building and Facility Assessment and Capital Improvement Planning: This includes everything from structural, and building safety reviews, to utility and drainage issues. We are often tasked to review facilities and grade the infrastructure for capital improvement planning.

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2724 Black Lake Blvd SW #202, Tumwater, WA 98512

Phone: (360) 352-2477

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 430pm

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